gilesgreenwall asked: OMG, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU POSTED MY VIDEO!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm TheCharmedPhoenix! I never thought I'd find something I did while scrolling on Tumblr. Thank you thank you thank you! I can't tell you how awesome this is!!!

aww, you’re welcome!!!
in case anyone is curious, THIS is the fanvid in question and it is GREAT and hilarious, watch it


Imzadi Love, wishing The Riker’s would have made it to network television. 


Holy Imzadi of Our Lives, Batman. I am revisiting the TNG episode “Second Chances”, the one where the crew discovers the existence of Thomas Riker. As a lifelong soap opera fan, I never realized how this particular moment is super soapy. For example, in soap operas, when two people are having a Serious Discussion with each other, one person is always staring into the ether the way (Will) Riker is doing here. And then there’s the dialogue: “You used to have that look in your eyes for me.” Eee! Have Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis ever done a convention together?!


Season 2 - Episode 14 “The Icarus Factor”

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So many questions… like is this a parallel universe where Riker has lost the use of his hands and Deanna must feed him cake?  Does she resent this responsibility?  Or is he doing her a favor because it turned out not to be chocolate all the way through?


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Star Trek - First Contact (1996)

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