Imzadi Love, wishing The Riker’s would have made it to network television. 


Holy Imzadi of Our Lives, Batman. I am revisiting the TNG episode “Second Chances”, the one where the crew discovers the existence of Thomas Riker. As a lifelong soap opera fan, I never realized how this particular moment is super soapy. For example, in soap operas, when two people are having a Serious Discussion with each other, one person is always staring into the ether the way (Will) Riker is doing here. And then there’s the dialogue: “You used to have that look in your eyes for me.” Eee! Have Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis ever done a convention together?!


Season 2 - Episode 14 “The Icarus Factor”

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So many questions… like is this a parallel universe where Riker has lost the use of his hands and Deanna must feed him cake?  Does she resent this responsibility?  Or is he doing her a favor because it turned out not to be chocolate all the way through?


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Star Trek - First Contact (1996)

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